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Turkish Beach Towels - Geometric Designs

Turkish Beach Towels - Geometric Designs

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These thin towels are super soft, healthy and have multipurpose usages. Besides beaches and baths, they are great picnic companions to use as blankets, swaddles for your loved one, or toss around your shoulders. Coming in different patterns and colours there is always one to suit your style. Also, being so thin makes it very easy to carry around, keep it in the car or a backpack.

Its construction and unique material makes it thin, quick dry and Multipurpose and standing out from traditional towel. When the towel dries quickly it does not hold any humidity, creating an unwanted smell which is a common problem with towels. 


  • Traditional woven style
  • Ultra soft
  • Multi purpose towel
  • Take up less space
  • Reversible design

Made in Turkey

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