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Sequoia Mini Soaps

Sequoia Mini Soaps

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Sequoia mini soaps are perfect for travel, for testing out a new favorite or gifting to a best friend to introduce them to the best soaps on earth!

Floral + Clean. With Lavender and Chamomile, Lullaby captures the scent of a newborn baby.

Turtle Island 
Patchouli + Spearmint. The wonderful swirl of patchouli and spearmint essential oils instill this soap with a lovely, light earthy scent. 

Clean Sage Scent

Medicine Woman 
Herbal. A complex mix of cedar, saffron, eucalyptus, and sage, topped with Elder flowers. It is a very earthy but compelling scent. Perfect for those who love essential oils. 

Moon Dance 
Blend of Citruses. This soap is a reminder of harmony with it's mellow, pleasant, tangerine-orange scent. 

Beautiful Day 
Citrus + Fruity. A stimulating blend of citruses, including grapefruit, lemon, and lime, with hints of fresh cucumber and jasmine. A splash of pineapple, blackberry, and champagne can also be detected. 

Stone Canoe
Clean Water + Citrus. If you like complex fragrances, then you'll love this one! This scent is so hard to describe--it's very sophisticated, upscale ,and spa-like - just one beautiful fragrance! 

Strawberry Rhubarb
Strawberry + Tart Rhubarb. Sweet but tart at the same time, the name itself describes its scent perfectly.

Tree of Peace
Fir Tree + Eucalyptus. A woodsy fir tree scent topped off with eucalyptus - if you love the smell of trees on a winter's day, this is the soap for you. 

Citrus + Spice. A soothing tea blend of orange slices and spices simmering together.

Citrus + Floral. Plumeria flowers mixed with a blend of citruses offers a mystical and wondrous scent. The citrus-like background comes through under the sweetness of fruits, elegant softness of beautiful flowers, and finished off with a slight ocean spray touching the air.

Slightly Sweet + Grass. The 'wildness' of sweetgrass captured in a single bar of soap. 

Woodsy. A straight cedarwood scent that brings the great outdoors into the home. Contains cedarwood essential oil and is topped with fresh sprigs of cedar. 

• hydrates dry skin
• made with organic shea butter
• made with organic castor oil
• 98% natural ingredients
• contains no artificial colors
paraben free
not tested on animals
• vegan
• hand Crafted

Directions: Use daily in bath or shower. For a longer lasting bar make sure you do not leave in a puddle of water where the soap may become soggy. Or even better, alternate between 2 bars so that there is an extra day of drying time between uses.

Size/Weight: 1 oz

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