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Sequoia Candles

Sequoia Candles

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Jingle Dress

Sequoia Candles are proudly indigenous made. We are inspired by our native legends and ingredients and hoping that you'll discover their beauty.

Topped with pearl blue mica, you'll be able to see the convection circles of the melted wax! Skywoman is a very unique scent - We couldn't wait to introduce it! It is a remarkable fragrance, starting with a mystical and citrus-like background. Under the notes you can sense the sweetness of fruits, the elegant soft fragrance of the exotic flowers, with a slight ocean spray, just touching the air.

A complex, fresh, grassy fragrance with a bit of a sweet note. There is something irresistible with anything sweetgrass.

Blackberry Sage
This candle is topped with crushed sage and has a very strong sweet herbal sage scent. 

 Red Clover
A sweet herbal tea scent is what makes this candle so unique. The Red Clover buds also add an esthetique effect. 

15 hour

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