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Handmade Crin Earrings AC2402

Handmade Crin Earrings AC2402

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Handcrafted from weightless crin, these copper-threaded earrings feature an exquisite leaf design and are supported by a 1.5 cm steel bar. Fastening is stud style.

Crafted from woven horsehair crin, these lightweight earrings feature a stunning leaf shape and a touch of sparkle from the copper thread. Every pair is truly unique.

Craft horsehair, called "crin" is from central Chile, and is unique in the world. The horsehair is recycled and dyed with plant fibres to produce original and colourful products. This versatile material is woven and creatively combined with metals to produce beautiful and unique jewelry.

In the village of Rari, the tradition of horsehair processing has provided a livelihood for many craftswomen for over 200 years. Our source is a family that has been active in production of Crin products for 3 generations. Their mission is to help people make a living from their work so this tradition is not lost, making this project sustainable.

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