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Turkish Towel La'Hammam Cotton Peshtemals - Ahenk

Turkish Towel La'Hammam Cotton Peshtemals - Ahenk

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These thin towels are super soft, healthy and have multiple usages. They are wonderful picnic companions as blankets, swaddles for your loved one, and a great rag for the pets. Coming in different sizes and colors, there is always one that fits everyone's personality to show who you are. Also, the thin weight of these towels allows them to dry quickly, without capturing humidity, and are easy to carry around and keep one everywhere as a decoration. It's a must have item wherever you are headed!

Although Peshtemal is fairly new to America, it does have a very rich cultural background. As it has been around for many centuries, different cultures have found other uses for this common household item. Peshtemals continue to be essential items in the Mediterranean and, in the past 10 years, have grown in popularity around the world. 


  • Traditional woven style
  • Ultra soft
  • Multi purpose towel
  • Take up less space
  • Reversible 

Measures 72" x 39".

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