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Chakra Gem Pens

Chakra Gem Pens

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Adorned with an array of semi-precious gemstones, these chakra gem pens make for beautiful and unique gifts. The chakra gems are sure to uplift and inspire with their healing properties and colourful stones. 

Crown Chakrarepresented with White Moonstone which is the stone of magic, love, hope, and protection, among others. 

Third Eye Chakrarepresented with Amethyst which is known to relieve stress, open spiritual awareness, and reduce anxiety and fear. 

Throat Chakrarepresented with Sodalite which offers calm and balance. 

Heart Chakrarepresented with Aventurine which provides abundance, strength, and perseverance. 

Solar Plexus Chakrarepresented with Yellow Tiger's Eye which is a grounding stone and enhances strength and integrity. 

Sacral Chakrarepresented with Tangerine Quartz which inspires curiousity and optimism. 

Root Chakrarepresented with Black Jasper which aids in grounding as well as in relieving pain. 

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