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Sealuxe - Ritual Rose Soap Bar

Sealuxe - Ritual Rose Soap Bar

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This Ritual Rose soap bar features a top layer made with shea nut butter and rose clay, a glycerin soap base, and activated charcoal on the bottom to round it all off. It's the perfect combination for a luxurious cleaning experience. This soap delivers it all! 

Benefits and Use

Nourishing and Hydrating

Shea butter helps repair the cells of a damaged skin barrier. Sealuxe is particularly partial to shea butter for its essential fatty acids, linoleic acids, catechins, phenols and bioflavonoids.


Add moisture to dry skin, reduce inflammation from ultraviolet rays and heal wounds with the incredible anti-bacterial, -fungal and -viral properties of coconut oil, one of the key ingredients in this soap.


The soap bar’s Rose Geranium has astringent and antiseptic properties to help regulate sebum, the skin’s natural oil. 

Lather up with the charcoal side of the bar to clean down deep into pores then flip the bar over to leave a lasting moisture.

ProTip: Got bumpy skin? Try dry brushing before using Ritual Rose.


Glycerin soap, shea butter, rose clay, activated charcoal, rose geranium essential oil. 

120 g.

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