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Rural Style Flat Pot/Planter

Rural Style Flat Pot/Planter

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A unique and lovely set of planters that is amazing for your plants or as home décor! Drainage hole: each pot features a drainage hole at the bottom through which excess water can be filtered out to prevent root rot. Classic design: the minimalistic design of the pot ensures that it suites any setting and any decorations already present. The small size of the pot makes it easy to clean and maneuver. Wide range of uses: the design of the pot makes it ideal not only for plants, but also great for decorating the home and storing accessories. Serves as a wonderful gift idea to family and friends. Note: due to the handmade-nature of the planters, please allow for some differences between each. Photos are best used as reference. Approximate dimensions 5.5cm H, 8cm * 5.5cm diameter

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