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Oscardo Glass Dome Necklaces

Oscardo Glass Dome Necklaces

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These ornate necklaces have a hypoallergenic metal chain which is 48 cm in length and the diameter of the pendant is 2.7 cm. 


"The Tlingit believe our soul - our “káa yahaayí“ - is immortal. It is your true essence of your being that will show itself in life after death in various forms." - James Johnson.

Designed by Tlingit Ch’áak’ Dakl’aweidi Clan Artist James Johnson.


“On an early spring morning, the bear in his elements is walking alongside grandfather rocks. As the Ancestors watch over the land, the Ravens welcome the bear from a long winter's nap.” - John Rombough.

Designed by Chipewyan Artist John Rombough. 

Medicine Turtle

The Turtle is sacred in the indigenous culture. It carries the four colours of the medicine wheel, symbolizing important elements and can be different depending on the tribe. The seven circles represent the seven teachings of the Indigenous people, and inside each circle is a bird that delivers the message of the creator.

Designed by Odawa-Pottawatomi Artist James Jacko. 


"Dreams caught in the Dreamcatcher's intricate web are cleansed and released at Dawn's light." - Maxine Noel.

Designed by Sioux Artist Maxine Noel. 


Hummingbirds are majestic and magical little creatures. They are spiritual guides that carry a blessing in each visit. 

Designed by Kwakwaka’wakw Artist Francis Dick.

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel, also known as Sacred Loop, symbolizes the Circle of Life. As is well known, the circle represents perfection as well as infinity since the circle has no beginning or end. Interpretation of the Medicine Wheel differs from Nation to Nation.

Joyous Motherhood

Designed by Ojibway Artist Cecil Youngfox. 


In Native stories Raven is the bringer of light. The smaller face at the bottom represents the humanity which the Raven brought light to.” - Francis Dick

Designed by Kwakwaka'wakw Nation Native Artist Francis Dick.


Through this product, and others in the Oscardo line, we are supporting the Canadian and First Nations art communities. Royalty is paid to the artist or their estates for each product sold. 

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