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JusTea Organic Kenyan Fair Trade Tea - Black Tea Trio

JusTea Organic Kenyan Fair Trade Tea - Black Tea Trio

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This direct-trade partnership gives you the freshest tea possible and the farmer a fair wage. Hand-picked in Kenya, no pesticides or chemicals are sprayed on these tea leaves. 

Flavour Elevation: Grown at the highest elevation tea gardens in Africa, these leaves have a fuller flavour, containing just enough caffeine to get you energized, without the jitters or crash of coffee. 

These teas also come in premium stacking tins which perfectly fit together for easy (and cute!) storage. A hand-carved Kenyan tea spoon is also included for you to scoop the tea leaves to steep. 

The Black Tea Trio comes with three higher-caffeine teas:

African Chai {medium caffeine} Sweet & Spicy, Black Tea & Cloves. Made from Rainforest Alliance Kenyan black tea, allspice, clove, fennel, cinnamon, licorice root, ginger, black peppercorn, and rose petals.

Kenyan Earl Grey {high caffeine} - Aromatic & Rich, Bright Citrus & Wildflowers. Made from Rainforest Alliance Kenyan black tea and organic cold-pressed bergamot oil. 

Mt. Kenya Black {high caffeine} - Strong & Malty, Cocoa Bean & Dried Fruit. Made from Rainforest Alliance Kenyan black tea. 

How to Steep: 1 tsp tea, 1 cup hot water. Steep for 4 mins. For a second cup, resteep 8 mins. 

15 cups per flavour (or re-steep for 30 cups!). 
Net weight: 68g/2.4 oz. 

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