Our Partners

We source equitable and ethical goods, both locally and globally, and are committed to supporting co-ops that provide empowerment, artisans, producers and clothing designers.

The Mexican Arabica Bean Company
(Chocolate, coffee, vanilla and more.)
MABCO was born from the idea and the challenge of finding the best quality coffee and cocoa beans while at the same time trying to help the small coffee and cocoa producers of Mexico and Latin America. By providing a fair price to producers and co-ops the benefits will be felt by small communities which will be able to grow economically and provide a better quality of life for their families. 

A Million Elephants
(Exotic wood products, kitchen items, jewelry, bags, home decor)
Mindful and sustainable products created by artisans in Laos. A Million Elephants is on a mission to create opportunities for Lao artisans to earn supplementary income while at the same time contribute to the growing cultural awareness of Laos. The organization works with artisans in various villages to create modern jewelry, personal accessories, home decor and gift items for the socially conscious.

Miluz Art
Unique handmade silver jewelry created by Colombian artisans. 

Handmade jewelry with inspirational message. A portion of all proceeds goes to support initiatives that empower women locally and globally.